Termite protection Systems in Brisbane

by Luke Taylor on October 27, 2018

Protecting Brisbane homes from termites for 17 years. Needing termite protection on your Brisbane property ? then rest assured you are in the right place. We offer a range of termite solutions that are affordable. Not every home is suited to every termite management product on the market, careful consideration needs to be taken into account when choosing a termite management system. Did you know that the construction method used to build your home assists us in making an informed decision on what product we use to protect the home.

Termite chemical barriers installed in Brisbane areas where the slab is poured on the ground maybe an ideal construction where a chemical or physical barrier can be installed around the perimeter on a new or existing home, however if the home is built into a hill, then it may not be suited to a chemical termite barrier on an existing home, as an Interception and Baiting system maybe a better choice. Building a new home, extension or just needing to protect your existing home, Avoid the confusion and call The Pest Company Brisbane today: 1300552234.

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