Live Termites in Skirting board of Brisbane Home

by Luke Taylor on December 1, 2018

Daily occurrence here in Brisbane South East Queensland where Subterranean Termites continue to damage homes, costing property owners millions in Repair bills. It is not just about being aware of Termites and their presence in the neighbourhood. Homeowners must engage a professional Termite Management company to assist in the process of inspecting for termites and installing a Termite Management System to protect the home.

The photo shows a Termite Species (Schedorhinotermes Species) the present Soldiers of the Colony coming out to see what all the fuss is) further inside this skirting board are the workers who will continue to damage without fear, they are well known in Brisbane Suburbs to damage timbers beyond repair. These termites are multi nesters and have the potential to destroy homes in a few months.

Never Disturb or Spray termites, call a professional immediately – !300552234 


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