Pest Control Commercial Properties Brisbane

by Luke Taylor on December 16, 2018

The boys Keeping up with what’s new with Mark from BASF an industry leader in helping small business gain an advantage in the Pest Management industry. On this occasion it is for commercial properties B2B we seek further knowledge. Gaining an understanding of what’s available in the market is important, however making the right selection, the know how and when to apply them is critical.  The Pest Control Service in Brisbane and any commercial situation is never a standard spray, leave and hope for the best. Identification is critical, an inspection of the premises is one of the most important aspects of controlling any pest as they hide in cracks and crevices. you need to ask the property residents what type of pests they have been having difficulties with. Pest Control is an integrated process where hygiene is critical. Ph: 1300552234 to protect your commercial Restaurant, Cafe, Shop, Shopping centres, Retail, Child Care centres, Food preparation areas just t name a few.   #pestmanagement #pestcontrol #training #education.

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