Termite Maintenance Requirements

Termite Maintenance Requirements

Termite Maintenance Requirements 150 150 The Pest Company Brisbane

Structural Termite DamageTermites and maintaining your property is serious business. Just for one day try driving your car around without insurance… good luck! Chances are you’ll focus so much on not having a crash, you likely will.

Homeowners and Real Estate property managers need to make a few important decisions when it comes to maintaining a property to ensure the investment remains healthy. You may have a tonne of maintenance requirements to attend to, however do you really want to take on  unpredictable Termites?

Termites do not stop, they are on the hunt every day looking for food and moisture, the exact requirements a property provides.

If 1 – 4 homes are attacked, I’d recommend immediate inspection and protection, if the owner cannot afford the upfront costs of a protection system, you can offer to up the frequency of ongoing Termite Inspections to every 3 – 6 months or look at options for Termite monitoring and baiting systems where a payment plan can be arranged.

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