Fire Ants Accreditation Brisbane

Fire Ants Accreditation Brisbane

Fire Ants Accreditation Brisbane 150 150 The Pest Company Brisbane

National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication program

Accreditation was delivered for the first time to Pest Managers in South East Queensland today. Fire Ants Accreditation Brisbane, A brilliant display of professionalism by all the team in the Berrinba Fire Ant HQ who delivered the training.

The program is helping the community in the fight against Fire Ants that is a serious threat.

Red Fire Ants Eradication Program Training  Thank you for taking the time to assist in our education on Fire Ants – General awareness, Bait applications and rates, Fire ant sample collection guidelines, PMT Pest Management Technicians operational guidelines, Direct nest technical treatment, broadcasting and spot treating with bait, live Direct nest injections, baiting and reporting.

We appreciate that the self-management training is an essential requirement to become part of helping the community with Fire Ants, for those Qld Pest Management technicians wishing to participate must obtain accreditation.

Thank you AEPMA for assisting in promoting the opportunity to be involved.

Thanks for Building Pest technicians up, not down.



Live Fire Ants BrisbaneFire Ants Brisbane

Serious Red Fire Ant threat in Queensland’s South East including Brisbane is building momentum, so The Pest Company Brisbane are taking a leap into treating Fire ants to help the backlog as residents and developers wait for treatments.

Need a rapid response for a Fire Ant treatment, Call The Pest Company Brisbane as our Team will make sure your issue is treated within 2 – 3 days.

You can learn more about Fire Ant identification or report Fire Ants here, or call us if urgent treatment is required

If you have found Fire Ants, Don’t Wait, Book an immediate treatment with us

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