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What’s important to you as a Builder?

  1. Product – Physical or Chemical Barriers
  2. Price
  3. Installation of the system
  4. Warranty
  5. Company strength
  6. Trust – “Reliable, Trusted, Experienced”
  7. Compliance with a Certificate of Installation AS3660.1-2014 and Form 16 and a meter box label.

The Pest Company Brisbane will be at your side

  • We offer you the builder effective communication during installations
  • The Pest Company Est: 2000, you’ll need to be sure that the company you employ to take on your termite barrier work will be around long enough to ensure you as a builder are protected.
  • After sales service, with regular reminders for termite inspections in accordance with the standard to ensure homeowners are aware of their Home Owner Obligations of the product warranties, to have regular Termite Inspections carried out.
  • All installers carry product accreditations and Certificates 42a, Install Physical Barriers.
  • We have your business backed, we will ensure you and your client enjoy a Termite Free property.

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Termite Barrier technical information for new construction


image Perimeter Installation


  • Chemical impregnated blanket – Term-Seal Urafen Shield
  • Termseal Sealant and Termseal Multipurpose paint on Protection for cold joints, perimeter and retaining walls
  • Combined system that complies with AS3660.1-2014
  • All installers are licensed, accredited and carry certificate in Installations of Physical Barriers 42a


Pipe Relocation / Cold Joints and Pipe Penetrations Pipe Relocation / Cold Joints and Pipe Penetrations


image Multi purpose Termseal Perimeter protection perim-veneer-term-seal Perimeter Termseal Multi purpose protection


image Termseal Urafen Shield 50m x 300mm roll


image Vertical joint


image Retaining wall


image Termite Barrier AS3660.1


2. ALTIS TERMITE RETICULATION SYSTEM – Altis has been around for 50 years, works extremely well, we also provide chemical injection to the Altis system using a Non Repellent chemical to ensure protection of the areas we treat.

altis reticulation system


3. Chemical Barriers in Queensland used during construction require a reticulation System as a combined system. Houses can be protected by chemical soil barrier as a sole stand alone treatment in QLD, but not during new construction AS3660.1-2014. Combing the Altis Reticulation system and a registered chemical will provide adequate protection as per AS3660.1-2014 in certain situations.


Life Expectancy of the Termiticide in Reticulation systems

All reticulation systems are recommended to be refilled within three years of installation, however The Pest Company will at all times use a chemical that has a life expectancy of 5 years as indicated on the chemical label. There are additional options to install chemicals with a life expectancy of 8 year on existing lines that require a refill.

Certificate of Installation & Form 16 

All Barriers installed by The Pest Company in Queensland come with a Certificate of Installation in accordance with AS3660.1-2014, plus 2 x Durable Labels and a Form 16.

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Termite Barrier Inspection Zones – Perimeter Barrier

The Physical Termite barrier Inspection zone must be free at all times for regular inspections, (Rendered Houses) Must have a strike line /  V- Joint in the render. This becomes the Inspection Zone, Keep it clear. See more info here on the inspection zone


Termite Entry Points 

If we see a Termite lead on the External wall of a house, we all have a good day. If we see no visual entry point and Damage inside the property, we are asking Questions and so are the home owners.

The Photo shows the termite lead on the exterior brick work clearly showing the Physical barrier inspection zone also. There is simply no home owners warranty where Termites are visible. Hence, regular inspections are essential. This is a good sign as the entry point is located, but be careful as other entry points may also be around but not visible.

It is very important to advise home owners of their obligations to ensure the visual Physical Barrier inspection zone is not covered by paths, Decks, Soil, Gardens, Mulch and Fence posts just to name a few.

Not all homes have physical barriers like Termseal, Termimesh, Homeguard, Kordon just to name a few.  If the home was built prior to 2002 it likely has a chemical barrier which is unlikely to be effective today. Stating this, it is possible the home is not protected.

Keep the Inspection zones 75mm well above ground level to ensure the visual inspection zone is clear at all times. Real Estate Agents can look out for these signs and point these out to the owner, this will help build credibility and also alerting the homeowner on things that can be done prior to placing the house on the market, more importantly the builder can advise the owner on what their home owner obligations are to maintain the barrier and warranty. Over and above this, a Pre-sale inspection is an ideal way to prepare the home for sale. Why wait and hope that the home doesn’t have termites, get the property inspected today.

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Termite Barriers for New Construction

We have many options available at The Pest Company Brisbane to protect any New home and Extension. Termite Barriers and Termite Inspections in Brisbane areas are an essential requirement for the protection of all new properties.

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