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Termite Barrier New Homes and Extensions

As a Brisbane Builder in Queensland you’ll require a Termite Barrier System for New Construction, whether a new home, renovation or extension compliance to AS3660.1-2014 is required along with a form 16.

The Pest Company Brisbane have the systems, the installers and the experience to handle just about every install. No job too big or too small.

Termite Barrier Subfloor

Our long term Builders using us for over 10 years, say our service provides

  1. Best Products – Physical & Chemical Barriers
  2. Competitive Pricing
  3. Installation of the system without delay
  4. Company strength
  5. Reliable, Trusted, Experienced
  6. Offer Compliance with a Certificate of Installation AS3660.1-2014 and Form 16 and a meter box label.

Assisting Brisbane Builders with Termite Protection

We offer builders effective communication during installations

Our termite barrier work will be around long enough to ensure the Builder & the Property owner are protected.

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More Termite Barrier technical information for Builders


  • Chemical impregnated blanket – Term-Seal Urafen Shield
  • Termseal Sealant and Termseal Multipurpose paint on protection for cold joints, retaining walls and perimeter installations
  • A combined system with multiple products that complies with AS3660.1-2014
  • All TPC installers are licensed, accredited and carry Certificate 42a, Install Physical Barriers
Termseal Termite Protection

2. ALTIS TERMITE RETICULATION SYSTEM – Altis has been around for 50 years, the reticulation line is designed to deliver the chemical through the soil that lies beneath the concrete, Paths, Pavers and grass surfaces. The system can be refilled with an approved chemical at any given time without removing any top layers of concrete or soil.

Termite Reticulation Line

3. LIQUID CHEMICAL BARRIERS in Queensland are used during new construction to protect a property, it is now a requirement to combine the chemical barrier with a registered reticulation System.

Once installed, this system can be refilled at any time with ease of refilling, allowing ongoing Termite Management.

Properties can be protected by a liquid chemical barrier as a stand alone treatment, but not during new construction in Queensland.

When combing the Altis Reticulation system and a registered chemical, we achieve adequate protection that complies with AS3660.1-2014.

The Pest Company has installed well over 5000 installations with Zero failures. We take every property on as if it is our own.

Life Expectancy of the Termiticide in Reticulation systems

All reticulation systems are recommended by The Pest Company to be refilled within three years of the initial installation, however The Pest Company will at all times use a chemical that has a life expectancy of 5 & 8 years in some situations, just to be sure.

When the time comes to refill the reticulation after the initial treatment, The Pest Company will install chemicals with a life expectancy of 8 years. With shear confidence, we continue to recommend Termidor for all ongoing barrier refills.

Certificate of Installation AS3660.1-2014 & Form 16 

All Termite Barriers installed by The Pest Company in Queensland come with a Certificate of Installation in accordance with AS3660.1-2014, plus 2 x Durable Labels and a Form 16. Rest assured we have completed thousands of Pre Construction Termite Barriers.

Termite Barrier Inspection Zones – Perimeter Barrier

The installation of a Physical Termite barrier installed to the perimeter of a property usually protrudes to the exterior edge of the building to allow for ongoing visual inspections. This Termite Barrier Inspection zone must be free at all times for regular inspections. Rendered Houses – When the exterior of a brick veneer property is rendered a strike line, V- Joint in the render must be installed at the same level as the Termite Barrier, this will then become the visual inspection zone that must remain uninterrupted and free for ongoing inspections. See more info here on the inspection zone

Termite Barriers for New Construction

The Pest Company Brisbane install termite management systems to protect New homes and Extensions from Termites. Termite Barriers Installations and ongoing Termite Inspections are an essential requirement for Brisbane properties

  • HomeGuard Termite Barrier
  • Kordon Termite Barrier
  • TERM Seal
  • Termguard Reticulation System
  • Reticulation- The Altis System

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