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Pest Control for Commercial Properties in Brisbane 

Pest Control results are determined by a team effort, where the Pest Management Team ensure a thorough treatment and eradication program and the occupiers ensure safe food storage and cleanliness is a critical step in Pest Management.

Having issues with German Cockroaches in a commercial property? Then rest assured, The Pest Company Brisbane can provide an initial treatment, plus ongoing services as German Cockroaches breed rapidly and before too long you’ll have a real pest issue on your hands.

We service a range of commercial properties, mostly on a monthly basis to gain full control, especially in food preparation areas. If you are having issues with German Cockroaches or Rats and mice, then you’ll need a professional product and an experienced technician. Call us for further advice 1300 552234

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Pest Management

Pest Management involves a professional technician to ensure an effective treatment is carried out. A clean and well managed property requires appropriate food handling techniques and food storage processes in order to ensure protection from pests and contamination.

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