Kordon Termite Barrier

Kordon Termite Barrier Brisbane

Traditional physical barriers allow termites to search up and down their length until they find a gap or weakness to enter through. The Kordon barrier has removed this downfall through its unique ability to repel the termites.

Backed by the global resources of Bayer, one of the world’s most trusted names in health and environmental science, Kordon’s innovative plastic-sealed design makes it the ideal choice for allergen-free housing and environmentally sensitive sites.

Kordon Termite Barrier Brisbane

It’s the reason why Kordon preferred for use in schools, hospitals, public buildings, and quality-conscious new residential developments.

Kordon has been extensively tested over 19 years by Bayer, the CSIRO, State Forestry Departments, State Building Authorities, and Building Design Academics. In all evaluation work carried out by Bayer, Kordon has achieved 100% performance as an effective physical barrier to termites.

Kordon Termite Barrier Brisbane

Added Protection…

For added protection, when using the Kordon Termite Barrier, you qualify for the 10 year/$100,000 timber replacement warranty!

Kordon has qualified for a 50-year life of building performance criteria. (CSIRO testing)

Contact The Pest Company to find out more about this additional level of protection!

And Remember…

We recommend Altis, Premise, Termidor, Exterra and Kordon as solutions to termite problems. This is because, in our opinion, they are the best options available and have impressive proven track records.

We are always happy to discuss and examine other options if you prefer an alternative.

As licensed pest managers, we are familiar with each option’s unique features and benefits and can explain why a particular choice would be ideal for your situation. Call today (07) 3303 9611

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