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At The Pest Company Brisbane our service covers a range of insects. You choose your pest or take advantage of our General Pest Control treatment, Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders.

Pest Control Services in Brisbane – The Pest Company Brisbane ensure our Pest Control Technicians are Experienced, Licensed and insured.

“Book in a Termite Inspection & Pest Control and “Save $50.00 off our normal prices!  Not even Coles or Woolworths would ever offer this discount….. Nice if they did!


General Pest Control treatments will Cover   Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and if requested a free silverfish treatment. We will leave you with a Treatment advice notice just to be sure you know what treatment we carried out and what warranties we provide you and some safety advice as well.

We also offer additional Services on request – Silverfish, Wasps, Fleas, Rodents, Bees, Flies, Bed Bugs, Lawn grub, midges, german cockroaches on all commercial restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and offices.

Best to understand what we offer and what the industry itself offers before you book a service.

The service – A Pest Control Operator now labelled as a “Pest management Technician” even though the service most offer is generally called “General Pest Control” Did you know it is impossible to fully control all insects so we manage them with multiple applications to ensure the property has an effective treatment to limit/prevent insects breeding within the property, unless we place a large glass bowl over the entire property will we ever have full control, especially flying insects.

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The truth about Cockroach Treatments  – We provide a Treatment to the interior of the house (We treat areas like – Skirting boards with a  spray, the roof void with a powered dusting machine and apply gel to the cupboards) with the use of tools where we treat skirting boards using a 5 Litre Hand Tank with a fine mist/spray tip to the skirting boards, we use a dusting machine to deliver the treatment in all of the hard to get places in your roof void to eliminate a range of insects breeding within the roof cavity, whilst treating the exterior areas as well to gain an overall coverage.

The  treatment to internal skirting boards works a treat, it will dry after we spray leaving a residual for Cockroaches as they come in contact with the treated area, they will surely die. You will find deceased cockroaches at times when you wake up in the morning, this is a result of a successful application, remembering that a treatment is designed to limit breeding within the home and not just a treatment to eradicate the pests that are present on the treatment day. It is also possible that you get up in the middle of the night you may see a live cockroach, this does not mean the treatment is ineffective it could be that cockroach just entered the property and has not yet come in contact with the treated areas yet. You may find that within the first few weeks of a treatment you’ll see more pests, as the treatment is designed to bring them out of those hiding places you never knew of.

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Commercial Properties – Having issues with German Cockroaches in a commercial premise then you”ll The Pest Company to complete a regular ongoing service as German Cockroaches breed rapidly and before too long you’ll have a real issues that will get out of control.

We have many restaurants we service on a monthly basis as you cannot afford to have cockroaches in food preparation areas and more importantly have a customer see one sign of issues at the property. If you are having issues with German Cockroaches, then you shouldn’t be if you are using The Pest Company Brisbane. Pest Management involves us and an effective treatment, PLUS a clean and well managed property that uses appropriate food handling techniques and appropriate food storage processes that protect food from pests and contamination, it is a team effort between the property owner/occupier and the pest management technician to have a well management property from pests.

Grab  a Lockable Rodent Station, ( Rats and Mice ) Great Safe way in Rodent Control . Additional Rodent Treatment on any Pest Control Treatment or Termite Inspection is an investment worth while, just for a small fee, nothing worse then having a rat or mouse lurking around the house when you are asleep or a rat run out in the dinning areas when customers are dining.

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