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At The Pest Company Brisbane our Pest Control service covers a range of insects.

Let us know your problem Pest or take advantage of our General Pest Control treatment, Cockroaches, Ants & Spiders and if requested, a free silverfish treatment.

Pest Control Service Brisbane

TPC’s team of Licensed Pest Control service technicians are Reliable, Trusted and Experienced. We are dedicated to deliver a safe and effective service every time.

We cover all Brisbane areas.

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General Pest Control treatments

Most Brisbane Pest Control Companies offer a general Pest Control treatment, Covering Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders and silverfish. The treatment will be carried out to the Internal and External, including the roof void.

Did you know, our Licensed technicians provide a Treatment advice notice that is compulsory in Queensland that indicates the type of Pests, areas treated, warranties and safety advice. TPC use the latest products and equipment.

Additional Pest Services on request 

Name a pest, (Silverfish, Wasps, Fleas, Rodents, Bees, Flies, Bed Bugs, Lawn grub, midges, American, Australian & German cockroaches, Spiders and ants) we will provide the solution.

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The truth about Cockroach Treatments  – We provide a Treatment to the interior of the house, we treat areas like – Skirting boards with a  liquid spray, the roof void with a powered dusting machine and gel applications to the cupboards in a safe and effective manner.

The  treatment to internal skirting boards works to eradicate pests after we leave. You will find deceased cockroaches at times when you wake up in the morning, this is a result of a successful application.

Remembering a treatment is designed to limit breeding within the home and is not just a treatment to eradicate the pests that are present on the day of treatment. It is possible if you are up in the middle of the night you may see a live cockroach, this does not mean the treatment is ineffective, it is likely the cockroach just entered the property and has not yet come in contact with the treated areas, this is why it is critical to keep doors and windows closed or safeguard them with screens to prevent pest entry.

You may find that within the first week of a treatment, you’ll see more pests. A pest control treatment is designed to bring those unwanted pest out of their hiding places, the ones you never knew existed.

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