Premise Treated Zones

Premise Termite Zones used to protect homes from Termites


Premise is Australia’s leading termiticide – 1st registered in Australia in 1998 it has been successfully used on over 100,000 post construction termite treatments across Australia without a single product failure. Premise delivers termite elimination; protecting you and your client’s building.


Premise Termiticide is registered for use for post-construction termite control by professional Pest Managers. Premise Termite Elimination has a double action. Premise kills termites on contact but also has the added advantage of the transfer of toxicant to termites that have not been exposed to the Premise Treated Zone. As a result of normal social behaviour termites groom and feed each other and by this interaction termites transfer Premise amongst other termites from within the colony – this is referred to as the Domino Effect TM . Premise Termite Elimination is also assisted by nature. In areas of lower concentration of Premise, termites coming in contact with Premise eventually stop grooming and feeding themselves and die of fungal infection from soil.

Premise delivers termite elimination and protects your greatest assets. Protect your family and protect your home. Use Premise Termite Elimination – contact us today for a Free on site Termite Management proposal.

Key Features

  • Termite Elimination
  • The Domino Effect TM
  • Provides an effective Treated Zone
  • Spreads well in soil (lateral spread)
  • Unique double action (Premise+Domino Effect TM)
  • Kills termites and eliminates them from your building
  • No measurable airborne residues
  • No odour
  • No solvents
  • Low risk to humans
  • Low rates
  • No irritancy to the homeowner
  • Water based SC formulation

And Remember…

We prefer and recommend Altis, Premise, Exterra and Kordon as solutions to termite problems. This is because, in our opinion, they are the best options available and have impressive proven track records.

We are always happy to discuss and examine other options if you prefer an alternative.

As licensed pest managers, we are familiar with the unique features and benefits of each option, and can explain why a particular choice would be ideal for your situation.

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