Termseal Termite Barrier

TERM-seal provides high-quality Termite Barriers for Pre-construction, renovations & additions.

Our trust in Termseal

Our Installations have been working to prevent concealed entry by Termites on thousands of our installations, we place this down to the product, our attitude in ensuring the system is installed correctly and our communication with Builders.



The Pest Company Brisbane are accredited installers of the Term seal product 

  1. TERM-seal Systems are real value and saves you $$$$$
  2. TERM-seal Perimeter Systems for all types of residential and commercial construction situations.
  3. TERM-seal coatings can be used for treating, bridges, wharves, poles and posts as well as Rural applications. ie: fencing, sheds,etc
  4. TERM-seal cavity Perimeter systems.
  5. TERM-seal PRM Active cavity perimeter system
  6. TERM-seal Ura-Fen Perimeter system
Termite Perimeter

Pipe Penetrations, Construction Joints, Back Filled Walls & Ant Capping

  1. TERM-seal Penetration protection
  2. TERM-seal Penetration collars and void former method
  3. Treating all construction joints
  4. TERM-seal construction joint treatment
  5. Backfilled walls
  6. TERM-seal back-filled wall treatment
  7. TERM-seal Ant Capping system
  8. TERM-seal is a new and innovative range of products, developed for all termite solutions for new buildings.

Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will make in a lifetime  

Although termite proofing may not be as exciting as choosing the design of your new kitchen or the tiles for your bathroom, however, it is far more important. Please take the time to find out about termite activity in your area and suitable preventions.

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Termite Barrier Collars

TERM-seal Passive products are a choice of a non-toxic, physical barrier or TERM-seal Active range of products containing an addition of 0.1% Bifenthrin to enhance repellent qualities.

The sealants, coatings, and manufactured sheeting and strips have been developed from inorganic compounds that come together to create a new and exciting method of termite management and waterproofing.

Your choice of a Nontoxic physical barrier or with the addition of a stable, low dose chemical alternative containing 0.1% Bifenthrin

TERM-seal Products are unpalatable to termites and come with a range of warranties, a 50-year product warranty for our Perimeter and Penetration System, a 20-year product warranty for Multi-Purpose System for use on back-filled walls and external joints, and a 10-year product warranty for Multi-Purpose passive system for waterproofing kitchens and shower trays.

The TERM-seal Multi-Purpose coatings and sealants are used in conjunction with TERM-seal Ura-Fen and TERM-seal penetration collars to create complete, termite resistant, and water-proof barrier (and/or damp-course) to protect cavities in concrete slabs and masonry block constructions.

Term Seal Benefits – Qualities and Credentials

  1. TERM-seal Perimeter and Penetration System now has a 50 year product warranty. Conditions apply (see below),
  2. TERM-seal has been tested by the C.S,I.R.O. and covered under C.S,I.R.O. Appraisal #309
  3. TERM-seal complies with standard AS 3660.1.2014
  4. TERM-seal is approved as fully compliant with standard A.S./N.Z.S. 4347.6 Damp-Coursing
  5. TERM-seal is multi-functional; can be used in all types of construction joints, retaining walls, penetrations and methods of building construction
  6. TERM-seal provides a dual purpose termite and damp proofing solution
  7. TERM-seal is quick and easy to install
  8. TERM-seal is installed by fully trained installers
  9. TERM-seal has local government acceptance
  10. TERM-seal is UV stable
  11. TERM-seal can be used on:

Concrete Slabs, Cement Render, Concrete and masonry blocks, and Compressed fibrous cement sheeting, Timber posts, poles, fences, practically any timber situation.

Avoid any delays get expert Termite advice, and call (07) 3303 9611

Termseal Termite Protection

TERM-seal Product Warranty:

For the protection of the largest single investment of your life – your home and piece of mind, annual maintenance inspections must be carried out by an approved and suitably trained termite inspector, and recommendations of those inspections must be complied with.

Term-seal product warranty is supplied to our accredited installers, giving them the confidence in our products.

TERM-seal Perimeter and Penetration System now has a 50 year product warranty, TERM-seal Multi-Purpose coating System for use on walls and external joints has a 20 year product warranty, and TERM-seal Multi-Purpose coating for back-filled walls and waterproofing has a 10 year product warranty.

Why use any other system to termite proof your home, TERM-seal systems are 100% Australian owned and made for Australian conditions

Construction joint protection.

Termseal Pipe relocations are a daily even for The Pest Company Brisbane. Many homeowners are renovating their properties, moving kitchens, moving bathrooms, ensuites and vanities that require new pipes and cutting of concrete slabs to install new pipes. When a new pipe or new slab is installed even in an existing homes then Termite protection is required. Termseal is the ideal solution for new pipe relocation – If the concrete is cut and it does not travel through the perimeter / External wall then on most occasions you can  –

Termseal Construction Joints
  1. Ensure the slab cuts do not travel through the perimeter of the slab/wall framing, if it does we may need to visit the site prior to you pouring the slab back in,
  2. Ensure Able flex is around all new pipe penetrations, ensure the able flex is protruding above slab height as we can then remove the able flex to install the Termseal.
  3. The saw cuts in the slab do not require able flex around the slab joins as we seal these joints with a termseal coat and then apply Fiberglass and again re seal over the top a few layers to ensure a great seal to the joint in the slabs.
  4. Many companies try to install physical barriers around the slab joins prior to the concrete getting poured, I’m not stating this type of installation doesn’t work, but I’m basically stating that Termseal will protect the joints extremely well over an above the installation prior to the slab pour.
  5. The best thing to do is call (07) 3303 9611 to get some advice on what you need to do to comply and ensure your home is renovated correctly. The last thing you want is to get to the end of a renovation to realise you have no termite management certificate AS3660.1-2014 and form 16 (new form 43) in QLD.
  6. Imagine trying to rip out the entire bathroom because you didn’t call a termite management company……….. could cost you thousands
Termite Barrier Renovation

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