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TERMIDOR is the newest termite control product on the market in Australia. Since its release in 2002, Termidor has rapidly grown to become one of the leading termite control products on the Australian market and it’s a product we use with terrific confidence. he_accredited_badge-Termidor applicator-badge-Termidor

Termidor has a life expectancy of 8 years as indicated on the label.

TERMIDOR is applied to the soil around existing structures. Traditionally these types of applications are referred to as chemical barriers, although in the case of Termidor, the chemical does not act in the same way as many older chemicals that repel Termites.

Rather than a barrier that repels termites, Termidor acts as a non-repellent treated zone, which allows termites to enter and therefore be more efficiently killed.

You see, Termidor is undetectable to termites. Termites will enter the treated zone, where Termidor binds to their cuticle. Once this has occurred, it is only a matter of time before they are killed.

Termidor Transfer Effect™ ensures that the Termidor is passed from one termite to the next and as a result even termites that have not directly come into contact with the treated soil can pick up a lethal dose. That’s one of the many reasons for its tremendous effectiveness.


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TPC® use Termidor for live active Termite treatments as it provides us with the confidence of knowing we have begun the first part of the Termite Management program on the front foot, however unless a full Termidor treated zone is installed around the property foundations (but not limited to) as per the Australian Standards AS3660, will the property be protected.


Termite Barrier & Management Program – What’s involved! 

Yes, we have the right equipment to get the job done, however it is about the people behind the installations that make all the difference.

The Pest Company are accredited applicators of Termidor & Termidor HE. We have completed hundreds of chemical applications using Termidor without any failures. We recommend Termidor for chemical treated zone applications and for live termite infestations.

Feel you need even more confidence? Then rest assured we are accredited Termidor HE (High Efficiency) installers. Termidor HE is the best available termiticide on the market.

When drilling concrete paths, patios and tiles becomes a worry for home owners, then Termidor HE maybe the product you are looking for, however you’ll need to get the basics on what the differences are between Termidor Residual Termiticide & Termidor HE when it comes to installing the product in accordance with the label and the price difference.

Termidor HE has numerous benefits that provides value for the home owner, however one main point most home owners are impressed by is the increased distance between the drill hole spacing’s of the original “Termidor SC” (between 150 – 200mm, depending on soil conditions) compared to Termidor HE (350 – 450mm, depending on soil conditions), meaning less drill holes, especially if you have nice tiles.


The below images show how many holes are needed to be drilled for most applications using Termidor SC, where Termidor HE the hole spacing’s are far wider, leaving a neater finish.


We have found when it comes to treating live active termites, that using Termidor and a registered foaming agent or Termidor Dust we gain the elimination of live termite infestations in homes.

And Remember…

We prefer and recommend Termidor, Altis, Premise, Exterra, Term seal and Kordon as solutions to termite problems. This is because, in our opinion, they are the best options available and have impressive proven track records.

We are always happy to discuss and examine other options if you prefer an alternative.

As licensed pest managers, we are familiar with the unique features and benefits of each option, and can explain why a particular choice would be ideal for your situation.

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