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Termite Barrier Brisbane – Physical & Chemical Systems

A Termite barrier is designed to prevent concealed entry by termites. There are many types of Termite Barriers on the market that are installed throughout the entire city of Brisbane and surrounding regional areas.

Whether it’s a new residential or commercial building or extension Termite barriers are required.

Who can install a physical barrier in Brisbane

A Termite Physical barrier is installed by licensed QBCC and accredited installers of a Product that is designed to prevent concealed Termite entry.

Physical barriers do not stop termites for dead, they force the termites outside the building so they can be detected by the homeowner or found during routine annual inspections carried out by a licensed Termite Inspector.

Physical Barrier Types in Brisbane

There are a range of Physical barriers like, Termseal, Kordon, Homeguard, Termimesh, Green Zone just to name a few that are on the market. Brisbane Builders normally choose a company who installs a product they prefer, or choose an expert installer who specialises in Pre Construction Termite Barrier installations as they install compliant barriers using the best products.

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Chemical Barrier Types in Brisbane

Most chemical soil barriers or chemical treated zones are installed in the same way, however the difference is the type of chemical selected by the installer is what makes all the difference.

A few types of non repellent chemicals like Termidor, Altriset and  Premise are installed as a continuous treated zones, where chemical soil barriers using a repellent chemicals like Bifenthrin, Biflex are also used to protect properties.

Each chemical has its own life expectancy which is important when shopping around for a Termite Barrier, another reason many choose Termidor for long term protection.

Termite Reticulation Systems

In Queensland there are regulations in place for new construction termite barriers when a liquid chemical is installed.

When applying a chemical liquid soil barrier or treated zone a reticulation system must also be installed.

A Termite reticulation system is a line that delivers the chemical to the soil that lies beneath hard surfaces like concrete and pavers.

The reticulation line must be installed within the soil prior the installation of any such materials like concrete or pavers, this allows the system to be refilled at a later date without having to remove concrete or drill holes.

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Termite Reticulation Line

Why use The Pest Company Brisbane

The Pest Company Brisbane offers a range of Termite systems that comply to AS3660.1-2014 New Construction and AS3660.2-2017 In and Around Existing Buildings.

We install some of Australia’s best and most effective Termite Barriers with ongoing support for all Builders and property owners.

  • Zero failures on our Termite Barrier system over 17 years
  • Great people with a passion for Termites and Property
  • Neat and tidy appearance, tradesman services
  • On-time, great communicators

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Termite Barrier Certification

In Queensland a certificate of installation must be supplied along with a form 16 at the end of the installation stating the installation complies with the relevant Australian Standards AS3660.1-2014 and meets the National Construction code requirements.

All Physical barrier systems must have code mark approval supplied by the manufacturer of the product. Rest assured The Pest Company Brisbane use only registered products.

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or extending, you’ll require a Termite Barrier installation expert to assist in the process. Call now for expert guidance

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