Termite Inspection Brisbane

A Termite Inspection provides piece of mind when it comes to Termites

Engaging a professional Termite Inspection Brisbane company is where the process starts for all property owners. As termites destroy homes beyond repair, taking control of the situation requires an expert.

Termite Inspections are carried out for property owners is to ascertain whether there is live active termites or Termite Damage located at the property. Providing a Termite Inspection and written report for Brisbane property owners will provide valuable Termite related information relating to the property.

On completion of the inspection, the inspector will provide recommendations based on the findings on the day of inspection. These recommendations may be concealed areas that prevent full access during the inspection, conducive conditions around the property that may attract termites that need to be rectified will be reported on and most importantly whether the home is protected and if so to what level of protection.

No home is the same when it comes to inspecting and reporting on Termites as the construction of a home plays an important part of carrying out the inspection and protecting the property.

The most important job for the homeowner when it comes to Termites, is to ensure they engage a Licensed, Experienced and honest Termite Inspection company to complete their inspection.

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The Pest Company Brisbane are QBCC Licensed, Master Builder and Australian Environmental Pest Management Association members, we provide a detailed Termite Inspection Brisbane & written report with photos.

Our Brisbane Termite Inspectors will check your property using a range of different inspection tools like a Thermal Camera, torch, donger testing device and Moisture meter whilst providing a written report on completion.




All our Termite Inspections carried out in Brisbane are in accordance with; 


  • Visual Termite Inspection in Accordance with AS3660.2
  • Timber Pest Inspection in Accordance with AS4349.3
  • All Termite Inspections are carried out using a moisture meter & thermal imaging camera.



“When Booking in a Termite Inspection with us, you’ll save $50.00 when combining this service with a general Pest Control Treatment”


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