Termite Inspection Prices Brisbane

Termite Inspection brisbane price

Termite Inspection Prices Brisbane

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How much is a Termite Inspection Brisbane

Brisbane’s Termite Inspection prices will differ between each company’s reputation and experience.

Visual Termite Inspections carried out by any Licensed Inspector should be in accordance with the Australian Standards AS3660.2 – 2017.

The average price for a Termite Inspection in Brisbane for a standard-sized home is $220.00; some properties may be as high as $330.00.

The essential tools used during a Termite Inspection may include,

  • Thermal Imaging Camera and or movement detection devices
  • Moisture Meters
  • Tapping device used to test all accessible internal, external, and roof void timbers where possible.
  • High-powered torch, Pliers, Screwdriver, and some may carry a Borescope camera or recommend a further invasive inspection.
  • The number 1 essential tool is the Inspectors experience, as the inspection results will always be based on the following; 1. Whether the inspector is Trusted, 2. has a driven desire for attention to detail, 3. is Disciplined with an understanding of the standards. These qualities all form part of the inspector’s integrity to perform at high standards.

The worry faced by property owners when they find live Termites is eliminated by engaging an expert; however, the termite damage to timbers within the property will always outway the cost to protect a property from Termites.


If the Inspection is part of a Sale, a “Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection” is to be carried out in accordance with AS4349.3-2010.

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections are priced from $275.00.

Termite inspections involve more than just Termites. 

Termite Inspectors inspect and report on – Wood Rot (Wood Decay Fungi), Water leaks, Water damage, Drainage issues, Ventilation, and numerous conducive conditions that attract termites.

Brisbane Termite Inspection

Long Term protection that stops Termites should be offered 

As part of the Brisbane Termite Inspection, property owners should receive valuable property-related information on ways to protect their home from Termites; this form is usually provided in the way of a written Termite Management proposal and or Termite Management Plan.

Other Types of written forms may include a Termite Management Certificate of Installation when a treatment or Termite protection is installed.

A Free Termite Management proposal should always be offered and discussed throughout the inspection.

Competitive Pricing for Termite Inspections Brisbane

Those who offer a Competitive “Visual Termite Inspection” using the latest options on Thermal Cameras or Movement Detection and Moisture Meters will also provide an inspection report with photos.

The average price of a Termite Inspection is $220.00 inc GST for a 3 – 4 bedroom home, the estimated time required onsite being 1.5hrs, plus report writing time that may be outside the onsite visit. It shows that those offering cheaper alternatives may be fast approaching the end of the business or simply bursting at the seems to get work.

*We understand every Geographical area will certainly have its challenges as far as price and competitiveness is concerned.

Homeowners are certainly advised to do their own research before engaging the services of a termite Inspection company. The costs will certainly outway any discounts when it comes to termite rectification.

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