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You get experts – The Pest Company are termite management experts, and will provide a thorough inspection on your property and home and leave no stone unturned when it comes to inspecting your home. Termite Inspections are all completed to the relevant Australian Standards:

The Pest Company Brisbane use a Moisture meter as recommended by the Australian Standards and an additional tool – Thermal Camera on every Termite Inspection to help us determine if termite damage and or activity is within the home, Please note : the thermal camera is a great tool, but it may not find termites in every situation.

Thermal Camera used on Every Inspection Thermal Camera used on Every Inspection


Visual Termite Inspection in Accordance with AS3660.2

  • Timber Pest Inspection in Accordance with AS4349.3

What lies beneath – Termite Sub nest & eight entry points found during an inspection

We guarantee we will inspect every available inch of your home in accordance with Australian Standards -and yes, we inspect your roof void.

We recommend regular 6 to 12 monthly inspections of your home and property to ensure you are aware of all areas listed below –

Your report will detail visual areas of:

  • Termite activity
  • Termite workings and damage
  • Termite nests
  • Susceptible areas
  • Conducive areas
  • Drainage problems & water leaks
  • Wood rot found
  • Suspected trees and stumps
  • Treatments required
  • Recommendations to protect your home
  • And many other areas to help you ensure safety!

Book in your Termite Inspection now to get your detailed report, so you get all the answers regarding what’s happening around and inside your home.

Termite invasions are costly, damaging, and downright devastating. Preventative measures are extremely important, as we think it is better to avoid the cost of repairs, which become more and more expensive depending on the extensiveness of the damage. Most houses an average cost for repairs is estimated at around 10-$20,000 dollars, some even reaching 40-$50,000 dollars.

With regular inspections, any termite attack can be halted before the damage becomes severe. Even after we have removed a colony, there is always the chance of another colony taking its place. The odds of this happening will be almost nil with some of the services we offer, but we do like to play it safe with repeat inspections.

And with your home at risk, you should too!

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You should also be aware that with management programs including regular inspections, you are able to get a warranty protecting you from the costs of termite damage.

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