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Termites Damage Homes – Get your Termite Inspection completed by The Pest Company Brisbane

TPC® The best defense you have is using a reputable Termite Inspections company that cares about your property.

termite inspections brisbane Thermal Camera used on Every Inspection

You Get experts – The Pest Company Brisbane are QBCC Licensed and Experienced Inspectors and we will provide a detailed inspection & Report. “We add photos to our termite inspection reports” 

All our Inspections are in accordance with;

  • Visual Termite Inspection in Accordance with AS3660.2
  • Timber Pest Inspection in Accordance with AS4349.3

“Booking in a Termite Inspection with us?  Be sure to also book in your General Pest Control Service at the same time and “Save $50.00″ off the normal rates”

We guarantee we will inspect every available inch of your home in accordance with Australian Standards -and yes, we inspect your roof void.

Termite inspections involve the use of a thermal imaging camera.

brisbane termite inspector Moisture Meter used on every inspection

Termite Inspections should be carried our every 6 – 12 months to help manage the Home from Termite ingress.

Important: Inspections do not stop Termites!

A Termite Management System is necessary to protect your home or business against Termites should be current at all times to prevent any Termite attack.

Your report will detail visual areas of:

  • Termite activity
  • Termite workings and damage
  • Termite nests
  • Susceptible areas
  • Conducive areas
  • Drainage problems & water leaks
  • Wood rot found (Timber Decay)
  • Suspected trees and stumps
  • Treatments required
  • Recommendations to protect your home
  • And many other areas to help you ensure a protected property !inspecting for evidence of termites

termite inspections brisbane

Termite Inspection Finds Nest In Wall Cavity

Most houses an average cost for repairs is estimated at around $10-$20,000 dollars, some even reaching $40-$50,000 dollars.

With regular inspections, any termite attack can be reduced quickly before the damage becomes severe. Even after we have removed and or treated a colony, there is always the chance of another colony taking its place. This is when The Pest Company Brisbane take control and put in place under your approval a Termite Management System that will protect the property. There are always many different types of protection available to suit your home, Call us to book in that termite inspection and proposal – 1300 55 2234.

image Andre identifying mass damage in Brisbane’s West termite inspection Brisbane Termite entry lead underneath the house

Visual Termite entry point above. Although very evident in the above photo , it’s easily missed if your not crawling around under the house. Be sure to get your house inspected by a Professional Company like TPC®.


Termite Inspections: Roof Void

A serious part of your termite inspections is the roof void, its normally hot, dirty and difficult, We simply do our best within the situation provided. As nearly 90% of homes now have insulation this makes our job extremely difficult as the standards states we can only access areas that are safe to do so due to crawl space requirements which is compliance we stick to, we really enjoy our work but we really must take precaution during our work activities the last thing you or TPC want is an injury in the roof void. Foil insulation and asbestos sheeting prevent us accessing the roof void unfortunately.

image Gary our Building Inspector at all times doing a thorough inspection


Termite Inspections: Exposed Slab Edge Homes

The Smallest of things when dealing with Termites can be the start to an expensive exercise. The Soil levels/gardens around a home are required to be underneath all weep holes on external walls by 75mm, Slab edges on Monolithic slabs need to be clear 75mm above ground levels. Take a look at the picture below of what gardens and high soil levels produce if Termites discover these areas, as shown below a Weatherboard external wall in ground contact and gardens covering slab edges  –

brisbane termite inspection  * Termite Damage to Weatherboards of a new property, due to weatherboards in ground contact. This House Slab, should be exposed 75mm above the ground level, allowing a Visual Inspection of the slab edge. The Weatherboard showing in the photo should never touch the ground as this provides and concealed entry point for termites and creates moisture issues.

Brisbane termite inspections * Termite Barrier –  Exposed Slab Edge used as a Termite Physical Barrier – This Picture shows how the path has now breached the inspection zone of the exposed slab edge. The Weep holes in the external wall should also be exposed 75mm above ground level, around 1 brick level.

* Termite Management AS3660.1-2000. – Exposed slab edge, This photo perfectly shows how an exposed slab edge is supposed to be set up. The slab acts as a visual barrier to prevent concealed termite entry. The brick work in laid on top of the slab to eliminate the brick cavity that Termites love!  The slab edge above must be exposed 75mm above ground level to allow visual inspections of the slab perimeter providing a Termite Management system in accordance with AS3660.1-2000.

Treated Timbers in Homes are great for reducing the effects of Termite damage to structural timbers, But Termites still will have a go at the treated timbers – See photo below

    * Treated Timber Damage by Termites, Who said Termites don’t eat treated timber!! 




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