Termite Management Proposal

The best way to start any Termite management program is an onsite assessment and written proposal that will outline your homes best options for protection, as not every home is suited for a Termite Barrier, Treated Zone or an Exterra Interception and Baiting System.

Options for Termite protection are based on the type of construction of the home, not what we think works best for our company. TPC offer you the best possible Termite Management solution for your home.

Book a proposal with us and on site we will assess the construction and determine the best approach and provide a written Termite Management Proposal that details the method of protection and the associated costs.

As termite management proposals are very detailed, we are also available to return to the property to discuss the options further once you have analysed the proposal.

On most occasions we prefer to email the document to you and or send via mail. If you are at the property during the proposal we will provide detailed brochures on the options available as well.

Obtaining a detailed Termite Management Proposal from The Pest Company Brisbane is easy, just call 1300552234 to speak to a qualified technician or email us here




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