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Termite Damage Brisbane

Termites destroy homes, The Pest Company have been offering Termite Protection in the Brisbane region on a daily basis for well over a decade.

As industry leaders we know our services provide value for property owners, so when it comes to long term protection our experience says it all with over 10,000 properties inspected and protected, we know our barriers work.

The first initial step to protect a home from Termites is to have a Termite Inspection completed, from here a Termite Management Proposal can be provided by the inspector, this will explain the different types of Termite Protection systems available to protect your property.

Our Termite Protection systems provide the local Brisbane community peace of mind.

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I’ve Found Live Termites  

Builders Link AS3660.1-2014

Termite Protection for Existing homes in Brisbane

Avoiding termites in the first place is a great start, from here a Termite Management program can be implemented.

Termite management In and around existing buildings and structures AS3660.2 – 2017 is the Australian Standards that provides the guidelines to help manage existing homes and buildings from Termites. The Pest Company Brisbane offer the world’s leading systems.


Termidor Termite Control – Termidor is the world’s leading Termite Barrier, a non repellent Treated Zone that has a life expectancy of 8 years strong.


Exterra Bait Stations

When construction places pressure on a Termite Chemical Barrier, a Baiting System is the best option.

Exterra Baiting

New Construction Termite Barrier

New Homes, Renovations, Extensions & Commercial Buildings

Termite Barrier masonry wall

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