Termite Treatment

imageA Treatment for active Termites requires an expert with Experience


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When you find live active Termites “Always leave them and call a professional Termite Protection Company” The Pest Company Brisbane have the expertise and products to ensure an effective treatment. Please avoid spraying live termites with household sprays as they will not work.


Treating Live active termites requires an approved Termiticide and a Licensed professional with Experience 


Termite Treatment Equipment

The correct equipment makes all the difference when treating live termites. Using an approved Termiticide that will eliminate the colony is a necessity and making the decision on which one is critical. Our expert Termite Technicians have all the equipment and products that work.

All our live active Termite treatments are carried out using the best available product on the market Termidor

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What’s involved in a Termite Treatment


1. A visual Termite Inspection must be completed internally and externally by a professional Licensed Inspector prior to any Treatment, this is to ensure all activity is located.

2. A Treatment for active Termites using an approved Termiticide is required, the treatment involves treating live termites so they can travel the solution back to the nest to eliminate the colony.

3. Finding the nest – This is not always possible, as in most cases the Subterranean Termite Nest can be more than 50 metres away from the infestation. It is possible that the nest maybe in a neighbouring property or in a tree over the road. Termites build nests underground, behind retaining walls, in tree stumps and in trees that may not be visible by the untrained eye, it is even possible that a professional may not be able to locate the nest if no signs are visible.

3.  Whether Termites are located or not, recommendations are always to protect the property. There are options available when it comes to protecting a property, Termite Barriers, Treated Zones and Interception and Baiting Systems that surround the perimeter of the property.

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