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Termites Brisbane – Yes! They are here in Brisbane, they are well developed and destructive and cause massive amounts of damage to homes and buildings across Brisbane. If you have them in your home or property call us now – 1300 55 22 34.

Termites ( at times called White Ants) White Ants – “A slang name used for Termites”    now that we have cleared that up, call them what ever you like!  But they are unpredictable, sneaky and damaging leaving a large hole in your bank balance in no time.

Termites cost property owners thousands and thousands of dollars each year. They break houses in half financially and structurally.

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Your home is your home, but we see Termites in action daily, we see the emotional side of the home owner when they have to re finance the property just to get the home back to what it was prior Termites eating the home.  I know I’d rather a new car, boat, or  extension on the house, then Spending thousands replacing hidden timbers in side the walls.

Termites eat treated timber, “HARD WOOD TIMBER” and Cypress pine. Don’t be fooled, termites don’t give an inch.

Hard wood is like eating a well done steak, and pine like eating a rare steak … just as easy to eat ,just may take longer.

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The Pest Company offer Inspections and Protection from Termites

We offer Warranties as well.

Understanding your home is the first measurement on how we can protect it, Not every home is the same, many different building construction methods make Termites more susceptible to attack. Termite inspection is the best way to begin any Termite Management Program, from the inspection we can see if there is any visual Termite Activity , Damage and or workings present in the home or externally, from here we can then supply you with options to suit you and your home. Ph:1300 55 22 34

Steel Frame homes also get Termites, the property framing maybe steel , but in many Steel frame houses have Door jambs, Windows Sills, Skirting boards and Door Architraves are timber, termites even eat the Gyprock wall lining.

Termite nests in trees – a massive amount of people assume that a termite nest located in the tree is not a worry. It is not a worry to you, unless you are the owner or the purchaser.

As compliance is important, we exercise a duty of care and a duty to warn that it is best to advise the owner that the nest should be eradicated, this is a common issue with people assuming this is not an issue, get rid of the termites on every occasion.

The Termites we see in Queensland, Brisbane are potential threats to homes. The termite species found mainly in trees (Arboreal Nests) Microcerotermes and Nasutitermes species capable of damaging the timbers in the home.

Completely mad ( Exercising duty of care and duty to warn) 

Any pest control professional that advises to leave the nest alone is not taking into consideration the threat of an attack on the home.

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