Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System Brisbane

Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System

Protecting Brisbane Properties from Termites requires a licensed  expert, so when it comes down to Termite Monitoring & Baiting System, Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System goes the next level. The design of the Station along with their advanced technology of the Trelona Bait is where the Advantage is.

Most Termite Monitoring & Baiting Systems rely on regular monitoring of the stations filled with Timber to attract foraging termites, from here bait is applied when the station becomes active.

Trelona offers the same approach, however Trelona also offers the option to apply the bait from the get go, meaning the stations are fully loaded and ready for the termites to consume the bait immediately from the day of install.



Trelona Best Baiting System
Trelona Bait Cartridges

The Pest Company Brisbane have been using Monitoring and Baiting Systems for 18 years, we totally agree with the new way of Baiting Termites to eliminate the colony by applying the bait from the first installation. Trelonas flexibility of a full monitoring system or a full monitoring & loaded bait provides the best defence.

No home, building or property owners budget is the same when it comes to Termite Protection, so getting in contact with Brisbane’s best termite protection Specialists is the best way to begin, call us today on (07) 3303 9611

Trelona Bait Cartridges

Trelona provides the ultimate solution when Termite baiting long term is required. Intercepting Termites straight into a Termite bait station loaded with 2 Trelona cartridges makes perfect sense. Why wait? Have termites start eating the bait as soon as they enter any station.

The Trelona Advanced Baiting System is installed by professional Operators and managed to protect Brisbane homes and Buildings Long term. Station placement and management of the system is critical if long term benefits are to be gained.

The Trelona system alone will not provide long Term protection without engaging a professional Termite Control company, like The Pest Company Brisbane.

Trelona Provides In Concrete and In Ground Stations

Trelona in concrete stations are best installed where –

  • Gardens and soil is not available around the perimeter
  • The stainless steel, non slip stations are only required to be installed every 3 metres which seems to be the desired request from homeowners over and above  drilling a series of holes to install a Termite Soil Treatment.

Trelona In ground Stations are best installed;

  • In gardens over grass areas, however surrounding the perimeter at 3 metre intervals is the best approach to intercept foraging Termites.
  • Having both the option for in-ground (Soil) and concrete Stations ensures a complete perimeter system can be installed.

Call us today for further advice on how the Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System can protect your property, (07) 3303 9611

Trelona In Concrete Monitoring System
Trelona In Concrete Stations

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